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Struggling With Unemployment? We Might Have The Thing For You…

Niaje wasee, I hope your week has been bomb like mine. 

Hugely because there was a public holiday this week na nilikuwa nimerelax mbaya. Can you believe the rest of the public holidays left fall on Satos? Premium tears.  

Nilikuwa nimekutana na mbogi earlier this week and we really got to talking about the state of unemployment in our country, including some of them. Actually I realized what really pushed some of my buddies to start their own businesses was the uncertainty of job security due to the current state of manenos. And for sure, a few of them were laid off and some were just fortunate enough to have a plan B. 

Leo wacha we get kidogo serious. Those of us lucky enough to be employed or in business, niko sure we have all at one point of our careers been out of a job. Bila mbele wala nyuma. Man, kuna matime I didn’t even have fare to get from point A to point B and even lacked chapaa for food. Iss not funny.  

The struggle of unemployment is soooo relatable to each of us (unless tu you’ve been really lucky and blessed msee). This year has been especially hard for a lot of us. COVID imeleta visanga zake and too many of us have been affected. Wengi wetu tulipoteza job and if you’ve been lucky enough to get back into employment gotea hiyo story.  

As the year comes to an end, najua it has taken it’s toll on some of you. Unaagalia what you could have accomplished this 2020 but there’s not much if anything at all. Lakini let me give ya’ll hope. Mmeskia about the 2Jiajiri program? If you’re looking to redeem whats left of your year me thinks it’s worth a shot to apply. You never know what good may come out of it. And if you get in, it just might be the stepping stone you so desperately needed. 

There are some huge priceless benefits you’ll get with the 2Jiajiri Program , let’s have a look at a few: 

1. Online courses

FREE online courses to be exact. You have a wide variety of educational courses to choose from to help you learn or better your skills. Iss a yes for me.

2. Mentorships and training

Sometimes you just need guidance in the right direction ili kusucceed. And this is something you’ll def get with the program. Through talks with pro’s and other leaders in different industries, you’re sure to borrow a thing or two to help in your career.

3. Funding

No capital or funds to turn your dreams to reality? KCBae got you. You can get 2Jiajiri and Bankika loans through the program to spearhead your start-up.

It’s time to take charge of your future. Make this year count. You can absolutely do it. Good luck guys and hang in there, it’s always dark before the dawn 😊  


Over & Out,  

The Witty Banker. 

Oct 23, 2020 Trending

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