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That Scout’s Motto ‘Be Prepared’ Was Just Getting Us Geared For Life Coz, Heh!

Wasee, another month down. How’s yours been?

Nilikuwa in a bit of a fix over the past like two weeks… Let me tell you Maina! Admin amekanyagia story flani but I think I’ve recovered now and I’m ready to talk abourit. No laughing please 😭

Sasa sijui kama mnakumbuka ile mvua ilikuwa imenyesha hii Nairobi like two weekends ago… Eid weekend if I’m not wrong. Yes, fam, that one that had been pouring almost all afternoon well into the night. So by the WORST of luck it happened that I wasn’t home. So mimi niko zangu then at around 10pm I get a call from a neighbor of mine. I ignored coz what could it possibly be? I’m sure ingeweza kungoja kesho.

Boooyy was I wrong. After a few attempts to reach me I finally picked up and my neighbor on the other end of the line was in panic mode. ‘Okay, calm down. Ati unasema?’ was me casually. ‘Kwako kuna flood? Aki my furniture is drenched!’ was the response.

This is the moment I wished I hadn’t taken a house on the ground floor 😟

You guy, let me fast track to when I finally got home the next day (coz now where was I going past 10pm with the curfew and all). When they ask you if you have a boat during the census they are usually on to something. My house was evidently flooded. By the time I got there maji had subsided but everything on the ground was not spared. Sofas wet, fridge not working, cables and adaptors were destroyed and gai fa fa, my surround system was now just a rumor. That was the one that hurt the most! 😭😭😭😭😭

Safia chwest pains I tell you!

Anweissss, what is this Nai drainage??? Mimi nikishinda nikiwaambia I’m ready to relocate msishtuke nikiwapea update niko Kisumu city permanently… Singe-mind 🤔 coz heh!

What am I driving at? Guys, insuring your property is of importance. I had done this previously and just my luck, I didn’t renew it for the year… Like what could possibly go wrong?

Well, now I know. Not making that mistake again coz now I don’t have sofas to sit on as they’re at the fundi’s getting fixed (hiyo sponge yote at the bottom GONE!). Na pia fridge bana. Something got messed up and now I’m back to living like the bachelor I am with a meal a day, kesho will panga itself (coz now where am I storing food?). Sigh. If you wanna get on this plug, or if you’re one of those peeps who suffered like me, get sorted here so you don’t have to teseka when things go left.

You never know when disaster will strike. Always be prepared in case of anything. Lesson well learnt. Comment if you experienced the same and let us know how you dealt with it 😁    


Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.


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