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The Moment I Realized Leaving The Crib With My KCB card Ni Muhimu

Watu nguyaz, hii wiki imewapelekaje?

This month had been sooooo good so far (but then again si mwezi imeanza juzi tu? 😅⁠). September is honestly one of those months that just have good vibes for me ALWAYS. Lakini ngojeni story. But aiyam determined to not let this deter me from having a good rest-of-the-month. Iliuma I won’t lie but we move regardless.

Si sasa tulikuwa tumechochwa kwenda ka road trip Naivasha with the squad… And why not? Si ni hapa tu? Plus salo had checked in, boy child walikuwa wameomoka, good vibes and Insahllah ama huwa mnasemaje? Plus admin had a few days off.

Midweek shenanigans are the worst (bado na-recover as I write to you wasee). They really throw you off in regard to the rest of the week lakini zinakuwanga tamu sana. What’s the harm anyway? Friyay is usually just around the corner, right? Tuesday morning Wafula calls me for this plan and of course tunaacha hanbag wetu (read Sospeter) wapi?

5:01 ata haikuwa imefika before Sos was out of the office and on the way to meet us. Haya, all squaded up tukaanza our short journey ready to meet the rest of the crew at the view point for the standard view point photoshoot. I mean, wewe ni Mkenya kweli if you just pita this place without stopping?

Tukafika our ka crib for the next two days and someone just had to show up with extra peeps. We all have that one person kwa group who never understands the assignment. Anyway, the more the merrier, right? Ya, SOMETIMES 🙄⁠.

Ilikuwa siku mbili tu but fun times were had. Eish our month was starting on a high note. Kula vizuri, relaxation mode, those who had to work did their jobs with no problems…

Then it was time to leave. Tukiangalia bill kumbe the crib charged additional adults. On ⁠👏⁠ everything. Now let me tell you why lady luck was on my side. Imaginei’m the only one who had my KCBae Debit Card on me… And it just so happened mobile money was down that day, as in what are the odds! Anweis, admin alicome to the rescue and avoided small small embarazzment vile tulikuwa tumejiona ma big man bazuu 😰⁠. Imagine explaining to the hosts you can’t clear your bill coz you don’t have chums…

I hope mme-learn moral of the story hapa. Mkiendanga enjoyment don’t forget ya’ll KCBae cards. I NEVER. Ready for the rest of the month though… Hope it’s smooth sailing from here.


Over and out,

The Witty Banker.

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