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The Witty Banker on Keeping it Safe

M’memalizer sanitizers supermarket but we’re still keeping it moving coz that’s all we do. It’s really horrible that we’re all on a lock down of sorts coz I’m missing out on you guys bumping into me hapa Kencom and constantly sending love my way. Who will spoil me? Na kunipeleka chwomz town? Ugh. This thing needs to end as soon as jana tbh!

Anyhu, lemme mind the business that pays me.

I’ve seen a couple of queries on how to move your money. So I’ll just speak to all the alternative channels you can clock to get it all done. I’m getting how much you’ll probably find yourselves in situations that require you to move your money so today hakuna memes. Except you have to forgive my banter to kina Sos and Wafs – I’m sure these guys… there’s nothing to move. They made another one of their insane ‘investments’ just last week. But that’s a story for another day because, heh!

I’ll start off with internet banking. This would be the most opportune time to talk about ‘bank from the comfort of your home’ but what’s comfort when you’re on lock down, right? You can consider this as an option if you’re really looking to not going anywhere.

Our App is also another option. Take care of your people by wiring cash through the app, guys. We’re not charging guys to send cash to their KCB accounts, to get cash on their phone from their accounts and to inquire their balances. Najua hamjauliza but I know I’m definitely doing it this way. And it’s really amazing that the bank is doing this! Really here for it. Chekwa if you aren’t…

I also want to ask y’all to do this social distancing thing because, I mean! Tumezoea kugoteana goteana on these streets but it stops now for obvious reasons. But si uwoga. It’s just all about responsibly looking out for ourselves; and consequently those around us, ama?  M’menunua those pocket/belt sanitizers ama mko tu?? Sometimes unaeza patana with someone you just can’t help but hug. Y’know how it is vile si hupendana. Relax though and #Staysafe. And if I’m being honest, I’m not scared. Tunakuwanga watu strong – and humour gets us through everything. Mwenye alifanya  unda ile meme ya watu wakihepa, the universe is seeing you but many thanks, King!

I LOVE how KCB(ae) has gone on to take extra measures to ensure you’re all okay! A case of the ‘proverbial’ “When we say #KCBLovesYou…”

If you need to drop by any branch, don’t be scared to come to us. Kuna sanitizers mwenda.

Understand that we really love you. We want you to be safe all through and through. And we’re spreading good hope. That this will all soon boil over.

So take care of the ones you love. Social distancing is a most crucial thing now, and I legit can’t stress this enough. Keep stocking on those sanitizers, soap and maji – I’ve complained but we love to see it. Eat your vegies and fruit – and please make sure there properly cleaned. Get checked if and when you can because you can’t possibly solve a problem if you’re not 100% about it. Check on your people – I mean this. And, know that we’re here and #KCBLovesYou.

Tag us on how you’re keeping safe. We’d love to hear it!

We’ll soon be back to the memes because #WeShallOvercome. Wakenya tunakuwanga ‘those ones’.

That’s all today.

Stay safe as we can take care of one another.

Sospeter amesneeze unprovoked. Send help. JK! Too soon? Okay achene niende.


The Witty Banker.

Mar 20, 2020 Trending

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