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Valentine’s Is Around The Corner… Mpango? Coz We’ve Got Nice Things For You

Mnaendeleaje lovers, friends, entanglements and all?

By now I’m hoping mmesoma ile story yangu on a failed Valentine’s with my bae hapa ndio mkae mkijua mbona nachukia hii holiday with a passion. Heh, this world is too small… You think you’ll go to another county and not meet people in your circle then BHAM! Your babes IS the circle 🥴🥴🥴.

Ata sikuskia vibaya… Anweissss, sio kila mtu ana struggle za Valentine’s and you know what, I penda to see ya’ll loving on each other. Don’t be swayed by those peeps of story ya men’s conference and ‘Stingy Men’s Association’. There are people out here doing the most for their S/O’s. Ni wewe tu utalenga bae only to find out that your boys went all out on Val’s ni pang’ang’a tu 🤣 

On a serious note though, nimekuwa nikifikiria how often, it’s easy to take for granted those you penda. Mimi nimewashow how these days I’ve become deep mnakataa kuamini. You should join me on this side… So as cliché as it may be, why not take this day (yaani angalau just this ONE day) to appreciate and go all out for your madam or mister and show them some love and appreciation. If there’s something we have all, by now, come to realize is this life can go left at any time. I don’t mean to dampen the mood lakini ni factssss! You may have been with someone through thick and thin na bado mnaendelea kupush through these tough times. Iss no joke yo.

Also, a shout out to all the ladies who have normalized treating their men… I am here 👏 for 👏 it 👏

Not that I’m tryna be a cheapskate lakini yooooo, iss about time. Au sio wasee? Don’t get me wrong. Naamini kuspoil the woman I’m with with all I got but sometimes it feels nice to have the tables turned and be on the receiving end. I know I’m speaking on behalf of a lot of us boy children who have pitiad a lot.

And on that note nimewaona mki participate in our Valentine’s challenge… And some of your storoz are so touching BTW. It’s not too late. Pia wewe unaweza shinda a two-night stay at Ole Sereni with your boo. Peep our social media channels and try your luck. Alternatively we gat you as always with some dope Valentine’s deals so there’s something for everyone 😊

Kwa hayo machache, I wanna wish ya’ll a great weekend and a very Happy Valentine’s Day this Sunday. Nawapendaaaaaa ❤❤❤!


Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.

Feb 10, 2021 Trending

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