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Watu Wa Mara How’s It Going? Admin Wants In

Watuuus, how’s your week been? I feel like ni mimi tu siko mahali nikirelax…

The small small enjoyment I had last weekend at the wedding had me feeling some typa way. FOMO has kicked in and I’m giving in to the pressure soon.

Wakenya tuko holiday mbaya. I don’t think there’s a single pal of mine who is not out of town ATM. Sospeter ako Coast, Wafs is in shagz but mimi bado niko Nairobi on the grind. But ni muhimu kujipenda nani and that’s why I’m about to take a trip real quick. Where to? Gimme some dope ideas.

I’ve been seeing ya’ll are in the Mara prospering from here to Kingdom come. Literally mmejaza tour van kwenda Mara and I’m here for it! Heh and from the pics I’ve seen of the wilder beast migration those parks are full to the brim… It’s now more like the human migration from the cities to the Mara J. Also, I hope ya’ll are observing safety measures and social distancing as much as you’re on the enjoyment wave.

Ata sijui why me, Sospeter and Wafula didn’t make this a boys’ trip, seeing as that one we had planned for earlier in the year has gone bust. I guess ndege tutapanda next year, if all goes well and international travel won’t be as hectic. BTW now is the best time to take advantage of those tamu Mara deals. Rates are affordable and you don’t even have to fly, a pal of mine told me that dreadful road was fixed. Road trip ibambe. Let’s give Vasha a break and go see something new hehe…

I’m just wondering if it’s too late to witness one of the wonders of the world but oh well, there’s always a next time. Also for ya’ll that just kulad kwa macho on the gram like me, you can weka weka some chums on KCB's Goal Account and save up for next year. Let’s just hope rates will still be reasonable?

I’ve been doing just that (saving with KCB Goal, I mean), and I must say my future trips will be litty. I’m just glad that things are slowly opening up and places have embraced this new normal we are all facing. Being holed up in Nairobi was getting a bit tew much. You guys can also peep some amazing deals here for discounted flights and hotel accommodation coz we’re just cool like that. Defo taking advantage of that when I panga myself.

Wacha niende kutafuta place nitaenda to unwind coz wueh I think we can all attest that this has been quite the year. Vacay incoming sooooooon! Have a good weekend my pipo. Na wenye mko Mara, jienjoy and most important, #StaySafe.

Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.

Aug 21, 2020 Trending

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