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What Better Time Than This To Join KCB’s MobiChama!

My guys, now that tumeongezewa another 30 days mnaskia aje? Nilikuwa nimeona pang’ang’a mingi sana ‘Twirra’ about a week ago, lakini tumepoa sasa. Don’t get me wrong, I, just as much as anybody, would like life to go back to normal but realistically speaking, hii ita take time. Inauma but… Irizz, wharirizzzz.


Lakini for guys who thought lockdown measures would be lifted, hizi hopes ata zilitoka wapi? COVID19 cases are on the rise daily and opening up the country would be a whole mess. It sucks lakini we just have to do whatever it takes to continue staying safe. Si tumesha ambiwa if we treat this disease normare it will… yes, let’s pat ourselves on the back for finishing this statement.


My heart really goes out to all the people whose lives have changed for the worst due to the ongoing sitch around the word. Yo, wasee wame lose jobs, some have lost loved ones, we are really suffering. So if you’re fortunate enough to have the job of staying  in your safe home, continuing to work, si we just comply. Enjoyment is not going anywhere. And we surely can’t compare having a good time to being jobless, or homeless or six feet under, sio?


So in the midst of all that’s going on now, more than ever, seeing the need to save as much as I can, I rallied the troops (Sospeter, Wafula and a few other pals, because who else J… Maybe I need to expand my circle kiasi? No?) to start a KCB Mobi Chama. Now, hii si chama imbo. We are serious people my guy, sisi tumeenda digital.


As innnnn, the perks with this: transacting digitally, accessing statements ama loans, and running the chama remotely kwanza with the ongoing situation, is oh-so convenient! It’s safety and efficiency is just what we needed given our lifestyle now.


Sasa, I’ve heard horror stories about chamas out here. People doing others dirty, hepaing with cash and all that. The trick to this is starting one with a group of trusted and reliable people. I mean, we all have those days where enyewe tunakuwanga down, but you always have to come through for the squad. Commitment and discipline pia. And with the way things are kinda shaky right now, a chama just might come through for you on a rainy day…


So I’m just here, counting up the days when it will be my turn kupata hiyo doh J J J. Kusave nayo. Lakini pia kujitreat ni lazima! Anyway, hii weather nayo ni ya udo, nimerudi bed. I’ll catch up with ya’ll next week. Stay safe, stay quarantined, and continue practicing social distancing or I will snitch! Niko serious BTW.


Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.

Jun 11, 2020 Trending

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