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What do ya’ll miss most about enjoyment?

Wueh watus, si this week’s weather has been on another level ama ni kwangu tu?

This Nairobi cold has me feeling now, more than ever that I need to pack a suitcase and escape the city for a few days. Wenye mko Pwani how’s the weather? Coz I kent… Wenye mko wawili good for ya’ll.

Aside from this gloomy weather naskia kama this month imekuwa na six weeks. It’s been too long bana. Anywei thankfully it’s the last week of August and I’m pumped for the next couple of months. Hope you are too guys. The year is almost up phew. IDK what it is with starting a new year but it’s like kunakuwanga na a new glimmer of hope, Or maybe it’s just me? Eh, sooo looking forward to 2021.

Eyyyy, alafu sidebar, si this past Sato our screens were graced by another hot album drop. If you know you know… Wueh I was shoketh and I really didn’t expect anything less from the boys. That was one heck of a production. That is the closest to the dunda I have had since this lockdown and it felt good.

Lakini hii mambo ya enjoyment kusema ukweli how much do you really miss it? I was in my living room watching that much needed concert, thinking how much I haven’t really missed going out. Hasara tupu. Feeling like crap the next day, looking at your bank balance wondering what you spent cash on, haha J My days…

Sospeter being the King of hepi in the squad is dying and can’t wait for us to be let free once all this is over. Nimemwambia not to hold his breath. For now his couch will have to do. In some countries where things are slowly back to some sense of normalcy, nimoena kuna sit in concerts. IDK if you’ve seen that set up going round, but I really wouldn’t mind having that going forward… Mingling with the crowd na mambo ya kuibiwa would be a thing of the past… Here for it.

Wale wa kuhost bash area kama Kilimani and its environs, we see you and so do the popos. A pal of mine told me cops came to their apartment complex randomly wakitafuta watu kama nyinyi. Before calling up your squad, sit and think if it’s really worth one, catching the rona or two, getting arrested. Admin knows that ours is a nation that loves hepi lakini jishikilieni tu for another couple of months. Small small gathering is fine as long as ya’ll are being careful and following precaution.

In the mean time ya’ll can save those your chums on KCB Goal and plan for something substantial over the next couple of months. Hiyo pesa unaeza pata ukisave unaweza buy shamba mahali. Have a good weekend guys, and stay warm.


Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.  

Aug 28, 2020 Trending

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