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Zooming Off To Meru for the Rally

8th Nov, 2019

It’s my favourite day of the week! And a favourite kind of weekend at that! Not only do I get to leave work a bit early to plan my trips , but because weekends are for enjoyment and that’s my second name.  I’m also pleased to let you know that staying indoors has helped me on my savings challenge with KCB Goal. I pray for grace and discipline to not haribu during this weekend’s enjoyment.

So this weekend I have a nyama plan in Kajiado with the guys. Yup. Msionange kina Sospeter na Wafula ovyoovyo – saa zingine wao hucheza kama wao. Of course there’s the usual fear that watachoma but as far as I know, I have no relaz in Meru. Therefore, kanuke! I’ll be back to tell you guys how that goes.

But even more exciting is that after that, we’ll drive down to Meru for yet another rally – the#KCBMeruRally !!! Now if you follow me closely on this my rant space, you might recall the blog I did going down memory lane of my favourite rallies. And my first one in Kite was a whew! Ile vumbi! No one talks about the dust in Kite. Mnajuanga tu Ruai na Ronga. You, my good friends, have no clue. But guess what? I find that the most action packed rallies make one of two extremes. Either super dusty or wet and muddy. Y’all don’t know! And if you don’t, then you should defo come on down to Meru we do this thing.

I’ll be spotting a KCBae black cap, a polo T-shirt and some amazing knock offs that I copped for just Ksh300 because they won’t be in use anymore post the rally. Whoever introduced knockoffs had a particular vendetta with Kenya. Hizo viatu zangu ni Guggi – François Pinault’s eyes would literally bleed if he saw them. He’s owns Gucci. Kwani hamjuangi hizi vitu nani?

I’ll be the cleanest of three dusty boys. Ukiona hao wawili wamebeba vumbi yote, jua you’re in the right place so come say hi. Everyone that leaves ‘pewa kwa bill yangu’ for the Admin on Facebook, this is also your chance to play like you. It’s a debt and I’m collecting. Speaking of which, mmelipa KCB M-PESA ama I should eat my veggies, drink water and mind my business? Sina ubaya. Msinione hivyo, pia mimi niko na deni.

Carl ‘Flash’ Tundo will be the first off the ramp. And if you’ve seen this man race, then you better put 2+2 together as to why he’s called the Flash! The day long enjoyment will see living legends like Ammar Haq, Chager (P.S – I’m looking to spot a beard like this guy. Send money for those beard oils and what-not). I’m just…

Mliona ile moti mpya yaman like Onkar Rai last rally (read hose last four words out loud, I dare yuh!)? Heh, That VW Polo is a beauty! The mans didn’t come to play! And I cannot wait for flag off nijipeleke hapo mbele to see him and his new navigator take off. Whew, mniunfollow Instagram sababu nitachokoza and I’m a man of my words!

Mnakumbukka those T-shirts we circulated for our classmates to sign tukimaliza Form 4…? Dare me. Sinanga aibu mimi. Except ya kina Sospeter na Wafula – Wueh!

There’ll be a whole lot of food, drinks, kites, motorsport action, Grammable moments and scenes. That sounds to me like the perfect Sunday plan! Sanasana juu ile vumbi itakuwa kwa macho, sioni nikienda job Monday (See what I did there? An effortless double joke coz vumbi will mess my sight na Monday ni holiyay!

So let’s do this yeah?

Ma mkuje tuchapiane mbona ni mwezi kona na Sospeter na Wafula bado wakona pesa.

A whole mystery.

Kol polis!

The Witty Banker

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