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3 Smart, Simple Investment Plans You Can Weka Your Chums In This 2021

Wasee, leo tubonge investment… Nilikaa chini this long weekend and thought to myself now is really the best time.

Sisemi it should be set in stone when and how you choose to invest your chums, but the earlier you start the better. And why not? Just kaa down and think of how you spend your cash in a month. If you’re employed you have a clear estimate on where your cash goes coz ni standard, so that’s even easier to manage. Watu wa biashara iss a bit different coz business can be unpredictable but still, you can gauge this.

Wacha niwashow, your future self will thank you for being smart in your younger years. So if you wanna get started or get more ideas on where to invest, admin always got you 😊.

  1. Real Estate

Ama ka shamba hivi hivi. Let me put you on a littu secret (not a secret anymore). Me, Sospeter, Wafula and another two of our pals have a KCBae Mobi Chama Account, which you should totally consider joining with your squad BTW. And with part of our saved chums have been able to purchase land. Ata kama it’s in the outskirts of the city, ni kitu bado. And land appreciates so it’s a win. Don’t think that being a land owner is too far-fetched.

  1. Savings Account

To be specific, high interest-earning savings account kama the KCB Goal Account. Ata kama you don’t have a clue on what to invest in, this is better than having your cash just lying in your current account sio? Also, you have the assurance of liquidity when you feel you’ve saved enough for that thing you really wanted.

  1. Retirement Savings Plan

Najua msee. Retirement? As in??? Yup, same thing I had been thinking till mzae sat me down and told me the importance of starting a retirement savings plan ASAP. Thankfully alianza mapema so when he does go into retirement atakuwa tu sawa. The reason I look at it as an investment is, well, you’ll have funds to carry you through your old age plus investment income is exempted from corporation tax. So kama bado unataka enjoyment well into when your spine can’t handle simple tasks anymore check out KCB’s pension plans.

So you see. Investing shouldn’t be a scary thing. Hizi ideas, they are very doable even if you’re not earning a whole lot of money. It’s just about being kidogo smart, nyimaing yourself a few things here and there, some sacrifice and your investment journey begins.

Most importantly don’t forget to invest in yourself. Self love, getting rid of bad habits and relationships that jus’ don’t make sense, hydrate, eat well… You gerrit ya? 😉


Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.


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