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Lemme Tell You Why Receiving Cash Via IMTS Is Such A Life Saver…

Sasa sijui kama ni mimi tu lakini wueh, I’m just about ready for this month to end.

Naaah, don’t get me wrong. It has been an amazing month but kusema ukweli, aiyam taiyaaaad, iishe tu. Sasa let me tell you about the shenanigans I have been up to pamoja na Sospeter na Wafula plus a few other culprits…

Now, IDK how so many of the peeps in our rende happened to be born in the same month but here we are. Ile leave nilikuwa nimesema nitachukua I finally gorrit (and no, I haven’t gotten a chance to even go to shags to see the folks, hiyo ni story ya siku ingine) and a good time it has been. Of course with a few mikosis here and there, but what is life without a few bumps along the way…

Lemme just give you a snippet of how my month has been juu nikiwaambia all the deets ni kama itabidi nimeandika thesis na mtashinda hapa siku mzima mkisoma novel.

Sasa sisi wajanja (or so we thought) tulipanga bash for a few of our bros ati wacha we have a ka reunion. At the end of the day hatujaonana in months since we went into lockdown so why not? Mimi huyo na Wafula tumebook villa Nanyuki for a weekend getaway (zile plan za Mara aki they just went bust, so we decided a nice weekend away in the bundus would compensate). Tulitumia broskis location *plug in Burna Boy’s ‘Location’ here* and just told them to bring themselves, the rest would be taken care of. Happy Birthday to them, come one come all.

Eh, in hindsight I realize me and Wafula should have laid some ground rules before sending these invites. These goons just went all out and BTW I don’t blame them. Makosa kwetu. Tukaweka deposit on the house and errythang (Sospeter was not in this planning plan coz it was also a surprise for him. Amego through the most this year and we felt we needed to do something to ease his mind off of things).

Aki it was an amazing house, with amazing views, ata sikuskia vibaya hiyo plan ya Mara haikucome through (okeiiii I lie). Watu wakafika, people celebrated, we had a good time but lemme tell you how people came dabo dabo. We never hesperred it. Mimi na Wafula tukaangaliana tukasema kesi baadaye and baadaye came sooner than later when it was time to check out and clear our bills for three days of enjoyment. Mara game drives, mara chef, mara horse riding… Wueh, nakuambia this village boy saw things that weekend.

Wacha tupatiwe total bill of all the expenses we had that weekend. Premium tears. And don’t get me wrong, we had planned and budgeted for this, me and Waf. Hadi tulikuwa tumeweka doh pale KCB Goal Savings knowing for sure we would be safe. It didn’t’ prepare us for this one weekend. Sema bill kutupiga na butwaa. Now since my whole squad or rather the ones I was close to, were with me in the same hot soup, ikabidi nitoe pesa wapi? My cuzo who’s majuu, who was also in the know of this plan. Let me tell you, KCB's IMTS was the savior of that weekend. My cuz sent money pap and we were able to clear those few thousands we owed.

Eh, sasa this next month ikifika I don’t even want to see my squad. Wacha tukae makwetu. But we were saved a lot of embarrassment thanks to IMTS services. So now you know the plug when you have to get chums from someone abroad.

Endeleeni kukeep safe wasee. I’m here just recovering, with no plans to leave my house for the next month.


 Over & Out,

The Witty Banker

Sep 25, 2020 Trending

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