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Of Earth Tremors, Biashara And Nuptials, Lemme Tell You About My Week

Guys, I hope you’ve had an amazing week. I fo sho have and I’m looking forward to the weekend as usual.

This week has been a breath of fresh air. Despite everything that’s going on, I’ve been feeling hella positive of late. Trying to just make the best out of the small small things. I think this is what’s gonna get me through this ghetto of a year.

Alafu ni kwangu tu hatukuskia those earth tremors ama? As usual I found out about it on KOT nyinyi watu hukuwa very fast. Ya’ll need one of those journalist awards BTW J.

Sidebar, a pal of mine is getting married this weekend and I can’t keep calm. Ametufungulia njia though my road is looking a bit dusty from here. No hopes as of yet but we move regardless. Mimi nikipata the woman of my dreams hamtapumua.

Lakini I’m soooo excited for them. It will be a very small gathering coz of this rona sitch and to be honest my boy is happy about that coz it’s an excuse for him not to have unnecessary peeps at his wedding. Basically ni vows na lunch but they couldn’t be happier. Wale wenye tunafanyia familia harusi, now is your chance for that ka small dream wedding of yours. Act fast LOL.

Alafu si mnakumbuka when I spoke of doing some investments with Sospeter and Wafula, I gave this fununu to my cousin who lives majuu akasema he doesn’t want to miss out on that. Ametuma pesa pap via KCB IMTS which I transferred to my KCB bank account one time. Sigh, the pleasures of modern banking…

Wacha sasa mimi niende tao kupick suti yangu (I clean up nice BTW) as I prep for this wedding and go for a small meeting with Sospeter and Wafula to talk business. Watu, if you can’t do biashara with your boys are they even your boys? Matime mnakaa tu chini and you start to talk about serious life things like investments and such. Hehe I have tasted brokenness and wueh that is not my portion. Lazima we ace this thing called life. Or at least try, sio? 

Haiya, weekend katambe. I’m out to have a good one and I hope you do too! Mjichunge.


Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.

Aug 13, 2020 Trending

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