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Plan for Ze Weekend? Jus’ A Little Banter From Admin To Get You Geared Up

Wadau nimemiss kupiga pang’ang’a na nyinyi.

I know the feeling is mutual 😂… Acha nijibabmbe at least and reassure myself that you guys randomly think about me too and have as much missings for me. Coz enyewe nawalove.

Najua hamjauliza but I feel the need to update ya’ll on matters of my home. Mnakumbuka ile weekend nilikuwa naswim kwangu? (Lemme refresh ya’ll’s memory with this blog). Heh this Nairobi will show us things. Nilimanage to scrape up a few coins and fixed my couch and my fridge. Heh, thank goodness for KCB Deals coz I managed to cop a few things at a discounted price to replace some of the ones that got damaged. Singeendelea kupika food ya siku moja anymore mimi.

I think that’s why I’ve been underground kiasi, recovering from that ka weekend. Ata Sospeter and Wafula haven’t managed to derail me anywhere since Eid. Which brings me to…

I was thinking about what to do this weekend just coz. I’ve been a home body sana these past couple of weeks. Lakini when I fikiria that storo I’m always like ai wacha ikae. Unatoka hivi kwa hao unapumua twice thao tano inaenda hivo tu. Biut since I’ve been stacking up my chums on my KCB Goal Account tuko na budget ya ku-splurge kidogo 🙊🙊🙊. Mtakuwa wapi this weekend? I need tips on all the hot joints in town juu nimekuwa missing for a while.

Eyyy, alafu, nani mwingine ako na psyche ya rally kama mimi? Yaani a whole 19 years later, here we are. You guys berra stream and watch it live coz… We have waited too long for this. Also, you KNOW your fav bank has got you – keep up with all the updates on our page coz we don’t want FOMO to be your portion. I mean, what’s better than a weekend with fast cars, good vibes with your squad catching up on the latest online or wherever you’ll be watching from? I kent wait! Excitos! 💃💃💃

If ya’ll had been keeping tabs on our social media pages and shindad those tickets to the spectator stages, tuonane Vasha sawa? Sisi huwa na vitu poa poa for ya’ll. Also, msiogope kunigotea. Just walk up to the KCB stand and ulizia Witty Banker so we can kick it in person. Ama mnaonaje?

Happy weekend ya’ll! Keep you and yours safe.


Over & Out,

The Witty Banker.

Jun 17, 2021 Trending

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